October 14, 2016

Pickin' and Carvin'

October is my favorite month and I don't think that has anything to do with it being the month of my birth, especially since I have kinda always hated my own birthday.  I do however, LOVE LOVE LOVE the changing leaves, the cool crisp air, Halloween, and pumpkin everything.  In fact, I realized one of my favorite things to take pictures of is my kids at the pumpkin patch. 
I mean look at that.  Is there anything cuter than watching your child struggle to lug around a giant orange vegetable that most certainly surpasses her in weight?

And in case there is any confusion, no I am not talking about THIS October and no there isn't any possibility of me ever catching up on this blog.
Let's rewind to LAST October when we got to check out our local pumpkin patch in Parker, Colorado for the first time...
Tractors and hay rides are right up there with a few of my favorite Fall things...
A day at the pumpkin patch is always a good day.  The only thing that could make pumpkin pickin' any better in my mind would be if it took place on the McCoy Family Farm...someday!

There is one thing however that I absolutely don't love about Fall and that is carving pumpkins.  Ugh!  John and I always fail to convince our children that it's a crime to cut up these beautiful creatures and rip their guts out...so pumpkin' carvin' it is.
So carving pumpkins may have turned into a Tessa photo shoot, I just can't get enough of our little dollie.
I am not sure why the kids won't just paint their darn pumpkins as they all seem to hate touching pumpkin guts as much as I hate cleaning up the post carving disaster. 
...and somehow in the end poor Dad ends up carvning at least 4 pumpkins.  But they do insist and somehow we always have a good time.
Unfortunely for us, the deer ended up eating a good portion of our jack-o-lanterns and scattered the remnants all over our front yard.  

Lesson Learned: Anything and everything left on a porch in The Pinery will be immediately consumed/destroyed by the local wildlife, no matter what you spray on or around it.  Don't even try, there is no hope.

Until we move or figure out someway of preventing utter destruction, we will be keeping all future pumpkins, gourds, jack-o-lanterns (really any kind of vegetable or plant life) safely indoors...
We are already excited to pick out new pumpkins this year.  Who knows, we may even convince the kids to put down their weapons and paint their pumpkins.  I refuse to give up hope.
Happy Fall!

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