May 26, 2015

Conversations of Late

Wyatt: "I think the grown up version of me is going to look a lot like Albert Einstein."

Mom: "Would you guys rather go to Disneyland or play on the escalators at the mall?"
All: "The Mall!!!"

Mom:  "At your new school, you can be anyone you want to be, it's like a fresh start."
Wyatt:  (As proud as can be without an ounce of self-deprecation) "Mom, I'm still gonna be a nerd."

Wyatt: "I'm pretty sure this balloon has cancer."

Macie: "I think my legs saw a black cat...They definitely have seven year's of bad luck."

Cole: "Can I do your workout video?"
Mom: "Why"
Cole: "Well I can't catch any of the girls at recess, I need to get faster."

Macie: "I don't want to go to primary, my teacher's face is all covered in wrinkles."

Wyatt: "I just popped my first zit and it was amazing!"

Macie: "Today a boy asked me to marry him so I ran away"
Mom: "Good job."
Macie: "I told Kaden if he was mean to me my brother's would beat him up."
Mom: "Why? What was he doing?"
Macie: "Oh nothing, I was just warning him."

Tessa: "Is snowy Mama!"

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