December 6, 2014

McCoys 2014

McCoy Family Pictures: 2014
It's been some time since we've hired an actual photographer to capture our family, usually opting to take our own photos.  Since I didn't get around to taking their yearly photos, I wanted to get some really great shots of the kids to hang in our home and of course, a family photo as well 
After spending way WAY more time than necessary choosing everyone's outfits, I ended up totally dropping the ball and dressing Tessa in basically a t-shirt on which happened to be a very cold October evening.  The poor girl whined (and when I say whined, I mean screamed psychotically) just about the entire time...who could blame her, it really was cold.  Her darling brown suede bow I made by hand the night before, somehow disappeared on the car ride there, leaving us with a very unhappy and somewhat untidy little toddler.  Luckily we clean our car next to never and were able to scrounge up a somewhat decent headband to tame those wild locks.  Despite a bit of a rough start and the near frozen babe, our photographer went above and beyond our expectations, leaving us with a plethora of pictures to choose from.  Regardless of my weird self-image issues/insecurities (Don't worry, I'm working on getting over that) I LOVE how they turned out.
I love my people.
Photo Credit: Doll Face Photo


  1. What wonderful photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. These are seriously the most amazing family pictures ever! Your kids are so photogenic! And seriously Wyatt's smolder was killing me. I'm so sad you guys are leaving and we won't see you more! Good luck on the move! Love you guys!