October 29, 2014

Not the Best Vacation Ever - Part 2

Find Part 1 HERE

The second half of our family getaway to Moab seemed to go a bit smoother than the beginning, although the sun continued to beat down on us relentlessly.  The following day we wised up and continued our exploration of Arches National Park mostly from our air conditioned car.
Despite the heat, we did ventured from our vehicle for a quick exertion.  Since we weren't able to make it to Delicate Arch the previous day, the viewpoint was the next best thing.
After a half mile hike or so in the sweltering heat, the "view" wasn't much.  In fact, I couldn't even find it in my camera lens.  But we did see a group of interesting polygamists and a few cool arches along the way.
John also sported quite the amazing do (saving those pics for this years "UGLIES") and once again began speaking with an accent.  Good times.  Good times.

The sun literally sucked the life out of us not-acclimated-to-hellish-like-climate weaklings, leaving us tired, ornery, hot and hungry. 
Thankfully the streets were filled with misters and plenty of places to recuperate.  
Side note: Misters + My Husband = Mighty FINE :) 
After some not so amazing dining with half alive children in tow..
We were back at the hotel where the kids much preferred to be.  
After more pool time (the kids favorite part of the trip by far) we attempted one more adventure our last morning there.  
After numerous bike issues (I'll spare you the details) we were finally off on our ride.
Despite Mom's exclamations of awe, the bike ride, like the rest of of our outings, was cut short due to the heat.  We made it across the bridge and down the path before turning around.
Despite my whining children, this was my favorite part of the trip.  I LOVED riding around the beautiful red rock cliffs.
The highlight of the bike ride for John and the kids was the customary lizard hunt...
...which happens on every McCoy family vacation.  
Except this time the little friend escaped all attempts.  I didn't complain.
In the end, we came away with some good memories, some pretty good sunburns, and a whole lot of lessons learned.
Until next time, Moab.  We will return.  Probably when are kids are teens.  Or maybe adults.  Or maybe actually we will come alone.  In the Winter.  Yes, definitely the Winter.

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