April 7, 2014

Sunday Sisters

There is no disputing the fact that parents take more pictures of their first baby than any others who may follow suit.  It's a fact.  Deny it all you want, we are all beyond snap happy when that first little angel makes their entrance into the world, proclaiming us parents.  I was determined to ward off this awful fate and feel I did pretty darn good when Coley joined our family.  As number three made her debut, things may have started to slip.  Why?  I'm not sure.  Maybe it's the fact that with each child there is less and less time for such luxuries as picture taking.  Or maybe it's because we finally realize you don't need a picture of every single smile, in every single outfit, in every single setting.

Shortly after Tessa's birth I realized that despite my efforts, I had fallen victim to the (above-mentioned) universal law...there simply were not enough pictures being taken of our little girly girls.  This revelation led to an immediate photo-session:
An idea was born.  Every Sunday I would take pictures of the sisters in our fanciest chair (not that fancy) before church.  Okay, maybe not EVERY Sunday, but often.  Okay and not ever has it actually happened BEFORE church, but shortly there after is close enough.  Without further adieu, I give you the first round of Sunday Sisters...

I feel so incredibly blessed to have not one darling daughter, but two!  Two sweet little sisters, two best pals, two sassy, silly, giggling beauties we all (especially Daddy) completely and thoroughly adore.
More Sunday Sisters sure to come.
(We might even let the boys join in now and again.)

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