March 3, 2014

Number Four

A few months ago our family had a precious, wonderfully-sweet day as John gave Tessa her name and blessing.  The name Tessa was debated about for sometime between John and I.  It wasn't until we looked up the meaning that sweet victory was mine.
Tessa: Greek meaning born fourth.  
Yep, that sealed the deal.

Our little beauty was a perfect angel, clad in her white hand-crocheted apparel made with lots of love by Grandma Lisa (dress), Grandma Patty (afghan), and her mamma too (shoes and headband). 

Sometimes, on such occasions, I find it's much better to keep my mouth shut my fingers still and simply let the pictures do the talking.
Without further adieu, I give you,
Talking Pictures: Blessing Day
Tessa Lynn McCoy, we thoroughly and completely adore you.

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! What an adorable little girl she is! I love the dress!