February 20, 2014

Great to Be Eight

Clear back in August, we had a very special day with our sweet little Wyatt...who by-the-way isn't looking all that little anymore.  I took him to a nearby park to snap some pictures in lieu of that special event.  
This boy usually would do just about anything rather than have pictures taken, however we ended up having so much fun together snapping some great-to-be-eight baptism pics.  We laughed so hard at our countless strokes of bad luck and Wyatt ended up dubbing the place "Unlucky Park"  (more on that later).

For Wyatt's special day, John and I gave him a set of scriptures with our testimonies written inside.  Though these pictures were of course posed, this boy truly does sit down and study his scriptures.  Often.  WITHOUT any prompting from Mom.  (Who is this kid?)
He is currently reading the Old Testament and believe it or not, is loving every bit of it.  He's consequently spewing new information on a daily basis...."Did you know Adam lived to be over 900 years old?"  
"Can you believe that Enoch and Noah walked with God!" 
He is also happily working on his Faith in God Award.  The other day I sat down with him to work on memorizing the Articles of Faith, when much to my surprise I discovered he already knows and can easily recited most of them from memory.  When asked how he learned them, he simply explained that he read them a long time ago and can just remember them.  (Seriously, who is this kid?!)
Maybe the red ants that crawled up his legs and made their home in his socks and shoes while shooting these pics actually brought us some luck, he was relaxed and happy in front of the camera, despite the painful itchiness of his new found friends.
Then there was the attack of seemingly hundreds of hornets.  Again, maybe luck was on our side after all as we miraculously avoided being stung.  There were also a few falls and even an encounter or two with a variety of prickly plants.  Despite near disastrous events at every turn, we ended up with some darling pictures of our dapper little man and a whole lot of laughs.
As the much anticipated event finally arrived, things at the McCoy household were all but happy and harmonious.  The fact that I was in early labor and gave birth 3 days later definitely explains my misery and exhaustion.  Due to my frazzled nerves, aching back, etc,  we tried to keep things as simple as possible by ordering most of the food for our family gathering.  Unfortunately there were major last minute mistakes with our order, which caused John to be about an hour late getting home...thus we didn't have all the clothes ironed, the house was a disaster, Macie's shoes were missing, etc. etc.  It was bad.  When we finally made it to the church late (thankfully they couldn't start without us as I was giving the opening prayer!), I was near tears.  I tried so hard to have everything ready days before and desperately wanted this day to be perfect for Wyatt.
There was hunting gear and clothes all over the house, Macie was barefoot in the chapel, multiple children were claiming the need to barf (oh and did they ever) and I was a hot, sweaty, labor-contracting, frizzy-haired mess.  However, all those silly concerns went out the door as soon as I saw these two walk in together. 
It's moments like these when really nothing else matters.  Just your family and your faith.  Isn't that all we really need?  So things weren't perfect before or after, but the baptism itself was completely and perfectly special for all of us.  It was such a great experience for us as parents.  I was filled with love and pride for both John and Wyatt.  My eyes are brimming just thinking about it. 
It's moments like these when I realize how lucky I am, how blessed, how grateful...
Later, I asked Wyatt how he felt that day and he said he didn't feel any different.  I guess he thought he would feel a great change come over him.  I told him I felt the exact same way when I was baptized, not disappointed, but confused as to why I didn't feel different.  We talked about how special it was for us as his parents to see him make this important step and what a great example he was to Cole and Macie.  
They were thrilled and as proud as ever of their big brother.  Since that day, Wyatt has come to understand and appreciate his baptism more and more.  He is always telling us about his feelings and promptings from the Holy Ghost and the other day I was shocked to learn that he repents each night for mistakes made during the day.  (Okay really, who is this kid?!!)

After the main event, we had a fun picnic at the park with everyone who attended.  
Knowing what was coming later that night (barf-fest galore) I probably wouldn't have bothered feeding my sweet little trio...However, the food was great and I appreciate everyone who helped. 
We had lots of yummy deserts of course...
...and some special cupcakes for our newest member of the church.
We are all so proud of Wyatt.  He is an example to all of us (John and I included).  It breaks my heart to see him grow up so quickly, yet at the same time I cannot wait to see what he accomplishes in life.  He is destined for great things, there is no doubt in my mind.  
Wyatt, we love you and always will.
This is Wyatt and this is how I felt.  I felt GREAT ! My dad baptized me.  It was the BEST DAY EVER!

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