December 16, 2013

Wannabe Dimples

With Christmas just around the corning and grandparents opting for pictures rather than presents, I've been forced to finally edit the kids birthday pictures I took months ago...when life was still very much crazy, just minus a newborn.  
So we'll start things off with our darling girl's four-year-old pics:

  Macie is without a doubt the easiest of our children to photograph.  She loves the camera and (in my biased opinion) the camera loves her right back.  
I truly don't need to direct her or encourage smiles in any way, she comes up with pose after pose all on her own. 
 In fact, I usually end up asking her to dial the cheekiness down just a bit.
Her very most favorite pose is without a doubt:
Why, you might ask? Good question.  See those two little indents on either side of her chin?  This is the face that brings "the dimples like daddy's" to life.  Anytime a camera is in sight, you can be sure Macie will be flashing those "dimples" with all her might.
I, on the other hand, prefer our sweet little charmer's all-natural smile...
 This spunky little four-year-old is so full of life and personality, it's hard for me to even begin describing her.  She brings so much joy and laughter to our family and we love her dearly.
A few of four-year-old Macie's favorite things:

Color: Pink
Food: Peanut Butter Sandwich
Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Place: Cupcake Shop
Activity: Playing with Tessa
Game: Ping Pong (not what your thinking, it's a made up game she plays with Cole)
Animal: Elephant

She also likes roasting marshmallows, swimming, dancing, camping, playing school with Mom, and painting her fingernails.  She does not like mashed potatoes or playing soccer. 

Her most favorite thing to do these days is color.  She is an amazing little artist and draws me a picture (or five) on a daily basis.  I have quite the collection going and have no doubt they will be extremely valuable someday. 

I couldn't help but compare her three-year-old pictures and was shocked at the difference in just one year.  She is growing up way too fast and is entirely too beautiful for her own good.  John and I are terrified for her to grow up, yet thrilled with the strong, indepent, sassy little lady she has already become.  
We love you Macie!