September 27, 2013

Conversations of Late

Macie entertains me daily, I wish it were possible to record her every waking moment.  There are howerver, a few moments here and there I just have to document, which in my case means snapping a quick phone pic to help me remember...leaving me with a poor quality photo, but a great memory, possibly even future blackmail.

After church a few weeks ago, Macie's primary teacher approached me to fill me in on a conversation she had with our sweet little girl...
After bending over to pick something up, Macie informed the teacher:
"My mom can't bend over...NOT 'cause she's a fat lard, she has a baby in her tummy."
We had a girls trip to the mall a few weeks ago while the boys were in school.  She was so excited to make a wish in the fountain.  I asked her what she wished for, fully expecting the typical I-can't-tell-you response.  I should have known better, for this little lady is anything but typical.  
Her reply: "I made a wish for a dish to cook pancakes forever."
Another shopping day:
"What the HECK are all those people staring at?"
Apparently Macie has conversations with various body parts as well.  She recently told me:
"My tummy just wants pizza every day,  no matter what I tell him, (him?!) it just wants pizza."
and then later...
"Mommy, my feet are sooooo glad to be home."

When her brother informed her that her shirt was on wrong and her "boo-boo's" were showing, she quickly chided him:
"I don't have boo-boo's yet, these are just niblets."

On the way home from school my sister-in-law asked Macie what word started with the letter T.
"T for turd."
(I'm blaming that one on Dad.)

She's not the only one making us laugh these days...

"Hey look, it's a Mekeli fry!"
"Mom, do you remember when Gus was cute?"
"Tessa is much cuter than I thought she would be."
"I want to play the adventures of Cole...but in real life."
I look forward to my conversations with these crazy kiddos on a daily basis, I can't wait to here what comes out of their mouths next.


  1. Ha ha these are all awesome!! I think I laughed throughout the entire post! Macie's almost had me rolling. I loved the "what are all those people staring at!" I hope Brooklynn is funny like that! Thanks for sharing, made my day to laugh!

  2. oh, PS.... you're a beautiful pregnant momma! I can tell from some of your comments that you don't think so. But you really are! It's fun to be able to see pics of you with a bump, so thanks for sharing!