July 10, 2013

Conversations of Late

Just some Macie-isms from the past few weeks...

"Mama, I'm so cute I could barf a rainbow".
"Mama, I love you 100 years of building a castle."
While studying her arm: "Hey! Am I growing MAN hair or something?!!?!!"
While staring at the American flag: "Wow, I'm sooo glad we live here on Earth."

When told to put clothes on: "I heard a story on the news about if kids go outside naked and hold really still no one can see that they're naked."
Mom: What news? You don't watch the news!
Macie: "The KIDS news." (Duh, Mom)
After praying to feel better: "MAN! He works fast!"
Macie: "This is the best sandwich with two words put together: GREAT!"
Wyatt: "That's ONE word, two words put together is a compound word!  Am I correct?" (Sheesh!)
John: "You know where liars go don't you?"
Macie: As happy as can be, "Yes! The circus!!!"

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