June 20, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

As tradition requires, after cramming ourselves into our overloaded car, we headed down to Diamond Fork Campground for our annual McCoy Family Memorial Weekend.  

Besides the usual joys of camping, (unbearable heat, dirt, bugs, snakes, etc...)
there were a few interesting moments of note.
I for one, thoroughly enjoyed this little lady's ever entertaining shenanigans...
Her quirky smiles were pretty adorable as well...
Wyatt's strange and inexplicable obsession with weeds is also worth noting...

In fact, until he ignored my repeated warnings and picked a cactus, he was adorned with some sort of vegetation at all times.
Despite his aching feet, Cole's refusal to stop scootering (scootering?) was quite commendable.
However, he did spent quite a bit of time exploring with his best pal...
...and was proud as could be about being "the leader" on our hike.
Besides hanging out and playing games with cousins...

I'm pretty sure their favorite part of camping is just being in a tent with Mom and Dad. 
Or maybe its just being together period.  No cell phones, computers, housework, nada.

John worked so hard non-stop the entire weekend to ensure we all enjoyed ourselves.  He was pretty proud of the new setup, which was of course "all for my comfort and well being."  (Darn, I should have snapped a picture of the tent that is pretty much bigger than our house.) 
Though camping isn't exactly my favorite activity in the world, I appreciate his effort.  Its fun being with the McCoy family and of course moments like this...
make the not-so-fun aspects of camping well worth it.
John worked so hard the entire weekend that once home, he spent most of Memorial Day itself horizontal.
I will say, I thought he missed out on some fun with the McDonald fam, but after looking at the following photos I'm not so sure.
I mean, nothing says fun like a good old sleigh-ride...er, lawn-mower-pulling-a-wake-board ride.
And while were keeping it classy, underwear-chalking is always a Memorial Day must.
Okay, the water balloons actually were fun, even if they only lasted for 30 seconds.
So maybe camping wasn't quite redneck enough for us...either way, we had a great weekend.  We ended things with a quick visit to my Grandpa John's grave site, where Grandma Lisa shared a few stories from his life.  
Okay, and the kids also had fun pretending they were dead, but we'll just try to forget that.  
More Summer adventures sure to come...

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