April 3, 2013

Bunnies, Bubbles, and Butterflies

Easter came early this year, but we were ready.  The eggs were colored the day before...
...after which we decided to make something special for Mr. Easter Bunny.
Chocolate-covered strawberries carrots were the perfect treat to entice an over-sized bunny into creeping around our house at night, leaving candy filled eggs in his wake.
Apparently they were a success.
After the kids searched high and low for goodie-filled baskets, hunted for hidden eggs and dressed in new Easter attire, I was informed that Wyatt was to give a talk in church that very day.  After a small melt down on my part, we scarfed down breakfast, "prepared" a talk and made it to 9 a.m. sacrament meeting only 10 minutes late.  A success in my book. 
Thankfully, Spring made a return and we had a beautiful day together.
Filled with not one, not two, but three different egg hunts... 
Not to mention, three very different egg-hunting techniques. 
Wyatt, the strategist.
Cole, just havin' a good time.
And Macie, the wild thing.
We spent most of the day with family, relaxing...
...blowing bubbles, and eating lots and lots of candy.
Macie had a great time "catching butterflies" while driving to and from grandma's house.
And Cole spent a good chunk of his day discovering the diverse fashionable attributes of the traffic cone.
All in all, it was a great day.  We had a nice FHE resurrection lesson prior to Easter and hopefully the kids understood what we were really celebrating.  Wyatt's talk, though last minute, added to the sweet spirit of the day.  I am grateful for our Savior and my knowledge of the gospel.  
I am beyond grateful for John and our three make that four, darlings...


  1. I have been waiting impatiently for Easter pics of your kiddos! I knew they would look fabulous! I'm in love with Macie's headband! Also, I NEED you to tell me where you found your purple dress....thats the color of my brother's wedding and I'm searching for the perfect dress :) You look gorgeous as always!

    1. Hey Kori, it's actually a maternity dress...you could borrow it if you want, it's not super maternity-ish. Anyway, I got it from Target a few weeks ago!

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  3. Hey there. Love the pics and was that strawberries in the pinkish color. it looked good what ever it was. hehe.

    Just letting you know I've added you.


    Would love to hear from you. and did i read below that you're pregnant or no? if so Congrats.