February 10, 2013

We Need to Get Out More

You know it's been a long and dreary winter when the most fun you can remember having in quite some time was spent gathered 'round the tub...
...giving a nervous puppy his first bath.
In this house, we are more than ready for warmer weather, but will definitely enjoy our puppy-bath-parties as often as possible while waiting out Spring.
Lots of Liebster Nominations lately, in which I'm too lazy to respond to or post about...but thank you, you, you, and you.


  1. So cute!! I love the picture of Wyatt, his smile is contagious! Love your hat too, just as a side note:)

  2. Love me a good puppy, I have 4 and a cat. Well enjoy the pet bathing while you can though. :-)

  3. cute puppy. its a lab right? if so I use to have one. wonderful dogs. and at least your kids will help in bathing in.

    i'm a new follower due to a blog hop. added you on fb. and gotta go back and add you on twitter and google. would love a follow back. thanks.


  4. LOVE this post! And I love that bathing the pup is a family affair!

  5. Gus and your Family are just to precious for words.
    Ooops, I guess Gus is part of your family.
    Well, you are all too precious for words!

  6. Another Liebster Nomination right here!! I knew you would love getting another...



  7. Love your family, your blog and your sweet dog. Looks like so much fun! My family can.not.wait for it to warm up, I'm getting cabin fever like no other! durrettashlea.blogspot.com