January 24, 2013

"The Dang Patches"

Hi, my name is Macie.  I am three years old and I wear a patch every single day.
I do not like patches.  I hate them.  
I am smiling in this picture because Mom told me to.

My Mom and Dad said lots and lots of prayers that I would not have to wear a patch.  They know that I do not like to have anything stuck to me.  I have never even worn a band-aid, well, at least not for more than 5 seconds.  Even when my mom buys those hello-kitty band-aids, I just scream and scream and rip them off.  I do not even like stickers...ugh!  Who wants something stuck on them? Not me!  
Mom said while she was praying, she knew I was going to have to wear patches.  So she changed her prayer.  Instead, she prayed that I would wear them like a good girl and never pull them off.  I think that dang prayer worked because I really really want to rip them off, but I never have.

The first day I wore my patch I could not see at all!  I kept falling and running into things, I screamed a lot too.  Mom told me it was going to help me see better, but I didn't believe her.  She would not take the patch off no matter how much I cried.  Instead she held me like a baby.  She told me whenever I wear a patch I can choose any treat I want.

Every morning Mom says the same old thing, "Macie, move your hands so I can put your patch on."
When is she going to get it?
Plus, I bet she wouldn't give me my treat if I let her put it on me without fighting a bit.

Mom was very happy that I only have to wear it for 2 hours.  Only 2 hours?  Do you know how long 2 hours is?  My mom always sets the timer and sometimes I just watch and watch and watch...it takes forever!  She must be really smart because sometimes I try to trick her and tell her the timer went off, but she always knows it's a trick.  

Mom buys the "expensive" patches because I think they are cute, especially the pink-hunter patch my baby wears.
My most favorite is the tiger patch...
...even though my brothers say it is not a tiger, I know it is.

Did I tell you I hate patches?  Because I do, but sometimes I forget it's there.  
Like when I get to watch shows...
...or play pirates with Cole.
The thing that I hate the very most about my patch is taking it off.
I tell my mom every single day to pull it off SLOWLY and she always says,
"Macie you say that every day!  I will take it off slowly!"
Sometimes it doesn't hurt too much, but sometimes my hair is stuck on it, and sometime my eyelashes!  I don't know why Mom can't get it on right, I'm not fighting that hard when she puts it on.

One time I took a shower with my patch on.  When Mom took it off later, it was extra sticky and gooey.  I screamed and screamed.  Mom picked sticky gooey stuff off my eye and face and told me she was "so so sorry". I cried for a long time and I did not forgive her.  I remind her about it everyday so she doesn't forget.

We usually stay home when I wear my patch.  Sometimes we have to go to soccer games or the store.  Lots of people stare at me when we do.  Sometimes they ask my mom questions about me, she always smiles but I can tell she doesn't like them.  Once a man at the store said, "Look how cute that baby is with the eye patch."  Can you believe that?  I am not a baby!  It made me SOOOO mad.

I have to wear these dang patches for a year.  I don't know how long that is, but it is taking forever!  When I went to the doctor last time, he said he has never has seen someone's eye get stronger as fast as mine.  Mom was so happy and said that our prayers are being answered, even though it's hard.  I don't know about that, but I do get a prize from the doctor and a treat from mom every day.  The doctor said I will also probably have to have surgery when we are finally done.  I don't know what that is either, but it can't be worse than these dang patches!


  1. Poor Macie! I had to wear a patch when I was little for the same reason
    and I hated it too! I was not as lucky as Macie and had to wear really ugly patches with just a sticker put on the center of it which come to think of it made it look even worse. Her patches are adorable and she looks so stinking cute in them. I think she would look cute in anything though. Glad you are a stickler on the patches....it is SO important!!!

  2. Aww poor Macie! On a good note, I am glad to see the patch is working! Have a great day Macie!

  3. She is absolutely precious!! If I could climb through my screen and hug her, I so would!! :) When my kids get hurt or don't like something my husband always says, "It'll get better before you're married." They always laugh at him and seem to move on. However, my little one is quite literal and asked once what happens if he gets hurt right before he gets married!! :)

    Good luck with the patches...I think she should model them. I've never seen a cuter eye patch wearin' gal!!

  4. She is one awesome little girl!!! And a brave one at that! I think the patches have cool designs! And I'm SOOOO excited to hear that it's helping her eye get stronger! Hang in there... maybe it won't be too much longer!

  5. A bit after my daughter turned 2, we took to the ophthalmologist to get her eye looked at. They didn't mention if it was was strabismus or amblyopia or whatever, but they said that whatever was going on would fix itself. No surgery, no patches. Well now she's about to turn 4 in a couple months, and I'm thinking that damn eye doctor was wrong. I've made another appointment for after her birthday, but I just know the longer this gets put off, not only will her eye possibly get worse but she'll be less likely to accept wearing a patch on her face. Had we done it when she was 2, she wouldn't have put up a fight and it'd be over with by now! Doctors make me mad.

  6. She is adorable - with and without patches :)

  7. O gosh I can't even imagine Eleni wearing a patch! She would freak! So glad prayers are working and your sweet and sassy little girl is keeping it on! She looks so cute with an eye patch:)

  8. Tell her we think she is so stinking adorable with the patch! Gorgeous! We thought Kenley was going to have to wear one for awhile too, but she ended up checking out okay after all. I'm so glad they make such cute ones, though! I hope that makes it a little easier for her, if only a bit. :(

    Thanks so much for linking up with us for find + follow friday! So happy to find your sweet blog + follow along now!

    ♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  9. She looks so cute with it on! Awww..
    Thanks for joining the hop! I am already one of your followers:)

  10. She is so adorable! I love the colourful patches, they are very cute :)

  11. How brave of her! And those eye patches you found are so adorable. Glad to hear the doctor said they are working, and hope you keep getting good news!

  12. Great job finding eye patches that are fun and colourful, but I can only imagine how hard it is. One of my twins has to wear boots and a bar to bed to help correct his foot. It is horrible. So hard to get it on him, and so uncomfortable for him to wear.
    Thanks for sharing your story.


  13. I think you should publish a pamphlet for opthomologists to keep in their offices with the above blog. It is perfect for encouraging other children to wear eye patches. Can't guarantee they will all look as adorable as Macie though!

  14. Hi! Following from the Aloha Blog Hop! Happy Friday :)

  15. Hi Macie!! I know you hate those dang patches but it won't be long before you don't have to wear them anymore. Your dolly is wearing one too so you can wear them together. What fun! I'm your latest follower from the Aloha Friday Blog hop.so tell your mom to pop on over
    Happy Friday!

  16. Hi Macie! You brought tears to my eyes! I love that you said your mama changed her prayer and that prayer has been answered. I believe that's God's grace and he was speaking straight to your mama. :)

    I found you through Aloha Friday!


  17. Happy to hear the eye is healing very fast!

  18. wow Macie is so brave, she totally wears it with confidence, good to hear her eye is improving. I have been a long time reader only now just following, im currently co-feautre on the blog hop this week. Take a look if you get a chance http://beautylifeandbabies.blogspot.co.uk/ Kayleigh x