January 22, 2013

Shall I Knit You a Hat?

Each year, we purchase a new Christmas book to add to our ever growing collection. Our children love rummaging through them during the month of December and choosing a bedtime story each night.  I remember the first book John and I purchased as newlyweds, in fact we both completely hate it.  (It really isn't great.)  Since then, I've become a bit pickier in my Christmas book selection.

When I stumbled across this darling story...
...my search quickly came to an end.
Shall I Knit you a Hat? A Christmas Yarn is an adorable story with beautiful illustrations.
It tells the tale of sweet mother rabbit knitting hats to keep everyone warm.

After recently receiving much yarn-love and inspiration from my local shop and also from here, I decided that not only was this meant to be our 2012 book, I must also make my family warm winter hats just like sweet mother rabbit. (You know, because I didn't really have much going on during December anyway.)
Since I've never knitted before, I figured I'd dust off my crochet skills and call it good.  No, the hats were not completed by December 1st as planned, but I did get them done before Christmas.  Okay, Christmas night.  Okay! Okay!  I gave them away on Christmas night, some may or may not have been completely finished.
(Hence the month-after-Christmas Christmas post.)

I decided to keep it as simple as possible and stick with everyone's favorite colors...
Hot pink for my girly girl.
Hunter orange for my angel boy.
Slouchy green stripes for my little man.
And light blue for my big man.
I did buy some turquoise yarn for myself, but clearly I'm not a priority...but hey, neither was mother rabbit.  
Maybe someday.
Though these hats are far from perfect, the kids loved them.  I think after watching me work on them since before Thanksgiving (yes, I'm incredibly slow) they meant so much more to them than a purchased gift ever could. 
In fact we had quite the running joke as they pretended not to know what they were during our many "no-peeking" fittings.  They even acted surprised when they finally received their new story and accompanying hats on Christmas night.  

Any favorite Christmas books?  I'd love some suggestions for 2013.
Happy Reading and certainly, Happy Stitching!

*If you were wondering*
Crochet Cable Hat w/ Ear Flaps (orange) Tutorial
Basic Beanie (all the others) Tutorial
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  1. We have the same tradition in our family! Every year I get each of my boys a new Christmas book that eventually I will send with them to their families. Great hats!! I knit and may just have to try to make these! Thanks for a great post.

  2. I'm going to chalk this up to another one of your SUPER MOM moments! I may have to stop reading your blog when I have kids so I don't get depressed that I'm not nearly as cool of a mom as you are=) LOVE the hats.......especially the hot pink one with the flower!!

    1. Whatever, you are such an adorable mom already!

  3. Ok, I agree with the comment above...you are Super Mom! I love this idea! I bet they felt so special that you worked so hard on something for them. They turned out ADORABLE!!

    1. Thanks, this means a lot coming from the super-est mom I know! Twins and a toddler, can't even imagine!

  4. What don't you do Melissa!? Such talent! Such lucky kiddos! Hope they know how lucky they are. Thanks for the tradition idea, will have to start this one next year.

    1. Oh believe me, there are plenty of things I don't do...I just choose not to blog about them ;)

  5. I LOVE your hats! love them!love them! love them! I definitely need to get this book, too - you'll see why if you pop over to my place:) LOL - your hat wears are adorable, too - hats are love knitted together to keep you warm!

  6. WOW....I'm seriously impressed!!! I tried to knit once and think I made one scarf that was pretty ugly and yeah, let's just say it;s not really my thing. I am crafty but when it comes to knitting. ANyway, these are seriously AWESOME and not slow. That would have taken me a year! xoxoxo Hanna

  7. I absolutely love these! I'm trying to reteach myself basic crochet so maybe I'll be able to graduate to something like this! For now...it's scarves;) New to your blog by way of let them eat cake and glad to have found your creative spot on the web;) Happy Weekend!


  8. Just been having a look through your blog, really glad I came across it!I love your hats and I think your daughter looks adorable with her wee eye patch! Have a great weekend.x