December 4, 2012

Deck-ing the Windows

While typing the above title, the following thought crossed my mind: "What does deck even mean?"  Isn't that part of a boat?  Or a really good fist to the face?  Or part of a patio?  Come on now, deck?  Should we really use words that have more than three possible meanings?

So that was a good waste of conversation with myself and whoever happens to read this, I apologize.  Moving on...

There's definitely been a whole lot of "deck-ing" at the McCoy household, but forget the halls, 
we are all about the windows this year...
After spotting a beautiful lace stencil online, the wheels began to turn.  With a quick trip to the local craft store, I discovered those kind of amazing stencils aren't available just anywhere.  So I begrudgingly grabbed a variety of  not-nearly-as-amazing stencils, some washable paint, and a few sponge brushes and was on my way.  With absolutely zero stenciling experience, I made a quick sketch and dove right in.  After washing my work off and starting over at least seven times (I wish I were exaggerating) I had all but given up on this horrific idea of mine. 

Lessons Learned: Before diving headfirst into a new project, have a lengthy visit with your good friend, Google.  Maybe your BFF, Martha, might have some words of wisdom for you as well.  And one more thing, do not buy cheap or flimsy stencils.  They suck.

After a little trial and error, I was finally able to get the technique down and ended up having so much fun with this project.  Though the windows don't resemble my sketch (or the beautiful lace) in any way, I'm kinda in love with them.  
Maybe because it sorta looks like its actually snowing outside (we haven't seen a single flake since this wonderful weekend).  
Or maybe because they somehow remind me of my childhood.  
This truly is an inexpensive way to add a charming partial-privacy window treatment to your home.
Let's just say, we won't be washing our windows anytime soon.
However, when the sad day comes, when it's no longer acceptable to have snowflakes painted on your windows, I plan to be ready with some nice Spring-ish stencils.  Any ideas?

By-the-way, we will be announcing the winner of this giveaway tomorrow night.
Hope you're enjoying decking the halls, windows, and whatever else suits your fancy. 
Happy Holidays!

12/7/12 Update:
Check out my friends beautiful front door, I love it...
Great way to add snow to a Texas Christmas :)


  1. I love this! Gives your home such a whimsical vintage feel, so adorbs!

    1. Thanks Car, it was kinda secretly horrible but super fun at the same time.

  2. Love it! Looks so beautiful! I want to do it now ;)

    1. You should go for it, my friend just did her front door in no time.