December 3, 2012

A Witchy Woman's Perfect Weekend

A few weeks ago, my 29th birthday rolled around...
...accompanied by a sore throat, cough, fever, body-aches, you get the picture.  
I spent most of the morning laying on my 5-year-old's bed feeling quite sorry for myself, yet simultaneously vastly amused at my children's doctoring abilities...
Thank goodness the stud germ finder was able to detect the virus so the bug spray could obliterate those pesky germs.  
A strong dose of Icy-Hot, plenty of Hello-Kitty band-aids, and a tightly-bound ankle really seemed to do the trick....
Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed documenting the torture treatment with my phone, making sure to get a nice shot up the nose while my life was literally being squeezed so-very-tightly out of me...
Just in the nick of time, my knight in shining armor came to the rescue, taking the afternoon off work and freeing me from the determined-little-monsters, er, angels, leaving me to rest and recuperate in peace.

Later, I did receive a much needed, albeit heavily-medicated, pedicure.  
John also picked up the cure of all cures, Zupa's Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup.  
After a 30-day-sugar-fast, the white-chocolate, raspberry cake from my mother-dear tasted like heaven.  
Sickness aside, it was a great day.  For those of you married to a workaholic ambitious provider, you know that really any kind of birthday acknowledgement is a miracle in itself.   

Perfectly content with my birthday, I truly wasn't expecting anything else.  Although because of the fact that John really can't keep a secret, I had a slight inkling there was something extra up his sleeve.  However, I truly was blown away by the following:

1.  I was literally kidnapped from Cole's soccer game, practically thrown into the car and driven directly to a secret destination.  (Without any warning, mind you.)
2.  Not only did he arrange for his parents to have the kids all weekend, he actually packed their bags and had them ready and waiting at the transfer point.
3.  He packed for me.  Because it was so thoughtful, I won't mention the items he forgot to bring.
4.  He made a rule: No devices.  Translation:  No phones, tablets, laptops, calls, texts, games, Facebook, emails, and most importantly, NO WORKING.

It was at this point I began to almost forget the sorrows of birthdays past.  I wish I could say I have completely forgotten some of those not-so-lovely-days, however, I am a woman.  If that's not explanation enough, I do have just enough Greek blood running through my veins to truly disable my ability to forgive.  Or forget.  Or let things go.  At all.  
I'm trying.
Moving on... 
We spent the weekend in Midway, Utah.  Where? That's exactly what I thought.
Here's where...
As you can see, Midway is the most picturesque, charmingly beautiful little town around.
We fell in love with this place and plan to visit often.  I loved getting away from the city, the crowds, and technology, enjoying this beautiful piece of earth with my best friend.
We stayed at The Homestead.  It was perfect.  
Rows of quaint old houses...
and charming walkways...
further perfected the transformation to another time.  Even if it was only in my mind, I loved escaping the craziness of our modern lives.  (I'm fairly certain I was born a century or two past my time.)

Of course it wouldn't be a weekend getaway with out lots and lots of deliciousness...
Beside the ridiculous amounts of goodies, there were homemade rolls, pot roast dinners, sweet apple lemonade, cinnamon-roll french toast...and the list goes on and on.

Besides gorging ourselves, we spent hours exploring the local shops, art galleries and antique stores.
We even discovered some strange and inexplicable natural occurrences...
Okay, so the hot-springs-cave-thing certainly had an explanation for existing, however I clearly did not retain that information.  At all.
I do however, distinctly remember this lovely little bridge...
...and the many other beauties we attempted to capture.
Most of all, I enjoyed spending time laughing and relaxing with this guy.
Thank you so so much, John.
I know you put so much thought and preparation into this little getaway.  
I think I might just sorta forgive you for that one year.  Either way, I love you.  Forever.

Though it started off a little rough, my birthday was wonderful.  My hubby, my sweet sisters and sis-in-laws, my parents and in-laws all spoiled me with the most thoughtful gifts.
Besides tending to the illness, my kiddies too showered me with a variety of presents.  Wyatt gave me not one, but two paper-people, designed, colored, cut and pasted all on his own.
Regardless of the fact that the paper witches made me just slightly more aware of my pointy chin, I greatly appreciated the "hundreds of hours" he spent making them.
Cole and Macie covered some of their toys with wadded up computer paper and left them on my bed.  Though they quickly repossessed them, it still melted my heart.
Thank you all for making me feel so loved and special when I was feeling so crummy.  
I had a wonderful birthday and I love each of you.


  1. Best part of Midway is the Middle Provo River, excellent fly fishing.

    1. I don't know why exactly, but this comment made John and I die laughing...

  2. Love this post. What a sweet husband you have! And darling children. If it makes you feel any better the past two birthdays of mine I have either been sick of on bed rest haha. And the other day Micah and I were watching a show and he said "Carly, see how easily she forgave him??" LOL! your not alone girl, your not alone ;)

    p.s. I'll be in Utah in less than two weeks!!! We need to get together!!!!

    1. Ha ha, I can just hear John saying something like that...I kinda think we can't help it though ;) Can't wait to see you!

  3. ok im out of it-less than one week I'll be in Utah! :)

  4. I love that he put so much thought into your birthday! I sort of dream that something like this will happen to me....although I think its wishful thinking ;) I too married a workaholic...ahem, a very driven and dedicated provider. How sweet of your kids to try to help you get better. Haha! Love Wyatt's paper people too :)