November 22, 2012

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving...

...and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Just Mom and her mouse.
At last sitting down to rest and relax,
to ponder and think over all of the facts.

Yes, turkeys and pilgrims sat here and there,
While thankful notes had been written with care.
Mom thought of her children who'd played all that day,
While she'd worked in the kitchen, just slaving away.

When at last the quadruple batch of stuffing was done,
And the pie-making had just barely begun.
Out from the world Dad walked in with sigh,
Working 60 hours or more and just getting by.

Black Friday is nearing, it's almost here.
Followed too quickly by Cyber Monday, I fear.

The long hours of preparing were taking their toll,
We all gathered round to comfort his soul.

As we welcomed him home, the look on his face
reflected the sad, horrific state of this place.
He wondered and puzzled, just why oh why,
had his wife tried to redecorate while still making pie.
But in her defense, it was after-all
The last possible day to clear away Fall.

It's time to put up all the trimmings and tree,
It will be done by tomorrow, just wait, you'll see.

But what's for dinner?  They all wanted to know.
Away to the refrigerator, Mom knew she must go.
...all of this food and nothing to be had?
Suddenly she knew what would make everyone glad.
With their belly's full it was to bed mom would send, 
leaving her with the mess, she still must tend.

Now the children are sleeping all snug in there beds,
while dreams of fat turkeys dance in their heads.

The rest of the pots and pans must wait,
for it has become so very late.

Thanksgiving we're ready for you to appear,
and since it's past midnight your already here!

My pillow is calling, I can't put up a fight.
But one last thing before I turn off the light

Happy Thanksgiving to all and 
to all a good night.


  1. Your blog makes me so happy! As I read it today I was overwhelmed with gratitude for good moms like you. Love you!

  2. So adorable:) Wish we lived by you guys so we could pop over and say hi today! And I want some of that yummy stuffing! Love your cute little family:) xoxo