November 6, 2012

Horses, Pigs, and Other Things that Stink

There are certain things that just don't mesh well with my husband.  The State Fair, or fairs in general, being one of them.  So when two of the three kids were feverish on the night my youngest sister was competing at the Utah State Fair, John quickly volunteered to stay home with the sickies.

Cole was happy as could be to have mom all to himself for a change...
and I most certainly wasn't disappointed with my date for the evening.

Before the fair, we celebrated Cait's 20th birthday in the horse stables.  As I'm sure you can imagine, there was a distinct smell in the air, along with the irritating buzzing of flies that always accompanies that particular smell.  As I tried my best to inhale only as needed to sustain life, Cole valiantly battled one of his fiercest enemies...
Seriously, this kid is freakishly amazing at killing flies, with or without Grandma's tongs. 

The battle of the flies was quickly forgotten as Cole left them to do whatever it is that flies do (I'd actually prefer not to know) and was off to explore the fair with Cousin P...
and little Rubi too.
After beautifying Cait for her big event, I joined them just in time for some crazy carnival rides...
Where the passing of my youth slapped me in the face with the realization of the following: 
1. Things that used to be fun and exciting now make me light-headed and nauseous.
2. Somehow my sweet little niece is old enough to wear my old star-clad shirt.
3. My old star-clad shirt no longer fits me.

Old or young, nauseous or not, we still had fun.
Though after watching this video, I'm not so sure...
Somewhere between the realization that I had outgrown one too many articles of clothing and viewing these guys...
  I committed myself to a vegetarian lifestyle.  Well, maybe just no pork...or beef.  Come to think of it, chicken has been really freaking me out lately.  Still good with fish.  Too bad I don't really like fish.  

Back to the Fair.  Cait did great in the English Hunter's Pleasure competition...
and it was fun cheering her on after all of her hard work.
Though the night was filled with smells I'd prefer never to encounter again, queasy rides and fly infested animals, I loved every minute of it.
Especially the minutes spent with this little man by my side.

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