October 29, 2012

Halloween Prep

Ready or not, Halloween is just around the corner.  Other than a few last minute things I need to pick up, I think we are ready...The house is covered in skulls, pumpkins, bats, and all manner of creepy creatures.  After spending hours trying to cram all of my Halloween decor into our little place, I decided to snap some pictures to make things a little easy for me next year. 
After all my hard work, Wyatt informed me that we needed to get some real Halloween decorations.  Ridiculously large (and in my opinion obnoxious) inflatables for the front yard and orange pumpkin lights were just a few of his suggestions.  So I got a giant spider for the porch and called it good.
My favorite decorations in our home are definitely the kids artwork, which outgrew our fridge weeks ago.  The kids favorite thing by far is the Halloween countdown (thanks Martha Stewart).  The first thing they do every morning is gather round the countdown and impatiently scream my name until I open the next door.
And after much indecision, frustration, and more glue than I care to mention, the costumes are at last complete.  Phew!  
Macie wanted to be a witch, after I bought a few witch accessories, she decided she actually wanted to be Cinderella.  The next day it was back to a witch, then an elephant, then a cowgirl.  Cole too seemed to change his mind from one day to the next.  With just days 'til Halloween and still undecided, I stumbled across some darling costumes sewn by my mom and worn by Aunt Montell and Uncle Clint over 25 years ago... I vetoed all of their previous ideas and decided for them.
Unfortunately neither of them had ever heard of Raggedy Ann and Andy, and Cole wasn't too thrilled about dressing as a doll for Halloween.  I quickly introduce them to the characters and soon Cole was excited about his "Sailor Boy" costume.  He will have the rest of his life to pick his Halloween costume, Mom can at least have the first 5 years, right?  Either way, he makes one adorable Raggedy Andy...
Macie was just excited to get to wear make-up.  She calls herself "Raggity-Annity" and in my opinion was born to wear this costume.
The costumes were still in great shape, I just added a few buttons and bows and made new wigs.
I think my mom did a spot on job.  I really wanted to do a side by side comparison with the original Raggedy Ann and Andy (Montell and Clint) but we've been unable to locate the photo.

For anyone wanting a quick and easy, (not to mention inexpensive) costume idea, the mummy is definitely the way to go.  
No, I didn't force it on him, I promise it was his choice.  I will admit to desperately trying to convince him to go with the story-book-theme like Cole and Macie, but he had his mind set.

Wyatt is taking his role as a mummy very seriously... 
Wouldn't crack a smile.
While taking these pictures I realized I need to shred a few more strips of fabric to cover up that crazy hair.  Other then that, costumes are done.  The house is decorated and stocked with plenty of treats... 
That leaves just one last thing...
Carving pumpkins.
Check.  Halloween, do your worst.

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