October 11, 2012

Five Minute Photos

I have come to accept the fact that try as I might, I am not a great photographer.  However, I enjoy photography, and I especially love taking pictures of my children.  I might be a little bias, but I think they are beautiful, and I love capturing (or attempting to capture) their different personalities each year.  

As Wyatt's seventh birthday approached he began to dread the annual event.  He questioned, threatened, schemed, plotted and plead all in an attempt to avoid such a horrid punishment.  So I did what any mother faced with an unwilling child does, I bribed him.  

This stubborn boy allowed me five minutes of his precious time, and with that I went to work.
Capturing a half decent photo of Wyatt is nearly impossible.  He is wiggly, squirmy, fidgety and vastly annoyed whenever asked to "hold still and smile".  More often than not his "smile" ends up looking a like a pain-filled grimace.  The fact that I was able to capture the following photos may be evidence of my improving photography skills...or bribing abilities.
Okay, so two smiling pictures is considered a huge success.  
Candid shots are the best way to go with this boy...
With the clock ticking and my five minutes nearly spent, Wyatt found a moment to relax and do what he does best...
And then think some more.

Alright, enough thinking.  According to his giant watch, my time was up.
But before leaving, I some how coerced one more smile out of him.
A few days later, we took advantage of the beautiful canyon and tried to catch just a couple more grins.
Though he makes my aspiring career as a photographer difficult to achieve, he is one darling little seven year old.  He truly never stops thinking and pondering about anything and everything.  He was even able to think up a way to make modeling for mom somewhat enjoyable...  
By being as silly as possible.  I love you Wy.

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  1. Aw! He is so cute! I love how smart and pensive he is!