September 24, 2012

The Bomb Birthday That Never Was

Time flies, that's all there is to it.  I can't believe it's been seven years since John and I became parents.  I remember the day vividly.   Our sweet little newborn boy did not shed a tear when he entered this world, instead his inquisitive dark eyes carefully studied his surroundings, he was especially interested in Daddy.  He stared and stared at John.  I will never forget that precious day.  I'm sitting here trying to describe the way I felt...either my vocabulary is lacking or there truly are no words to describe meeting this little man.
Oh great, now I am crying.  Sheesh!  There really is nothing worse than your children growing up.  Okay so there are probably a lot worse things, but right now it sure feels that way.  My heart breaks every single birthday and Wyatt's 7th was no exception.  It happened to fall on a school day and he begged to open his presents before was an early morning.  

He loved his calculator watch from Mom...
had fun playing with the Hex Bug from Cole,
and was excited about his new game, Spot It, from little Sis.  
(Super fun game for kids BTW)
Of course, the favorite gift came from good 'ol Dad...a new X-Box game, what else?
Then it was off to school where we met him with his favorite lunch, Subway sandwiches.
Cole has discovered a new passion in life which you may have figured out by now...and I thought getting a decent picture of these two was hard before.  

Wyatt had a fun birthday week at school.  He was the "star student" (with a few adjustments I was able to recycle the poster from last year) and he even got a leadership award from the principal and was part of the school assembly.  I was a proud mama, he was anxious for the fuss to be over. 
 After school we had some family over to celebrate.  I whipped out this baby...
Um...just kidding.  What is that you might ask?  Your guess is as good as mine.
Since I had limited time and a surplus of stress I decided I would do it, I would cave, I would accept two simple facts: One, I am not Martha Stewart and two, it is not a sin to purchase a birthday cake for your child...on second thought, maybe it is?  Maybe that atrocity was my punishment.  

I was very specific when I requested a round, black, bomb cake...I mean really, who hasn't heard of a bomb cake?  Yes, it's a little odd that my birthday boy is obsessed with bombs, but that's besides the point.  "ALL BLACK, ROUND LIKE A BALL, NO WORDS, SPARKLER IN THE TOP"  sounds easy enough, I guess not.

So with seconds to spare, I switched gears and ordered a new cake from a real bakery.  I topped some cupcakes with pieces from his favorite game and by some miracle put this together before he got home. 
At the last minute I set the table up like the game, which eased the disappointment of the missing bomb cake.

Lessons learned: 
1) Do not order a cake from a grocery store and expect it to meet your ridiculously snobbish standard.
2) Do not ever attempt to make/purchase a cake that resembles a weapon of any kind.
3) Do not pay extra for high-float-lasts-extra-long-helium.  It doesn't work.

Moving on...
We had a fun night celebrating with our seven year old angry bird.
Eating cake and sipping on Wyatt's favorite treat, vanilla malts.
I always have such great intentions and planned to have Wyatt write thank you's to all who attended and all who couldn't make it but send gifts anyway (Lisa Hoff and Lisa Andy) but since its already been a month, I guess this will have to do...

We really do have such a supportive and loving family, I appreciate you all coming to our silly little parties and the thoughtful gifts you always bring.  

Since there were no friend parties this year, each of the kids got to choose a fun family activity for their birthday.  After we vetoed Disneyland and then Lagoon, Wyatt choose to go to the raceway.
He was pretty excited for his first race.  In fact, it was a first for all of us, we didn't know quite what to expect.
The noise level was a shocker...
Though we were wishing for ear plugs, we had a blast.  
Wyatt and Cole laughed and cheered at every turn.  The boys quickly began betting on cars and would laugh hysterically anytime there was a crash.  I on the other hand, think my heart stopped at least ten times, racing is CRAZY.  
Afterward, Wyatt requested Chinese.
After debating whether or not we should take the kids to our favorite Chinese restaurant,
we opted for a more kid-friendly version, Panda Express.
Subway was short lived, Wyatt's new favorite place is officially the Panda.
It was a fun night and a great way to end Wyatt's birthday celebration.

Though I always complain about my kids growing up, it has been so much fun watching Wyatt change over the last year.  He is confident in who he is and has such a fun personality.  He entertains Cole and Macie constantly and is always my champion.  I love spending time with him and can honestly say I look forward to seeing him grow and change over the next year.  Sometimes I think Heavenly Father sent him to John and I so we could learn from him.  He is my angel.  Happy birthday Wyatt!  


  1. Man it is trippy to look back at those baby pictures of Wyatt! I can't believe that was 7 years ago! Babe we have a 7 year old!!!!

  2. Ok now I'm crying! Sheesh! Could be a combination of pregnancy hormones, and also me remembering when you had Wyatt, what a precious baby he was and how it made me so excited to have a family of my own one day. And, it could possibly be only in our family where we feel like it's a sin to order a birthday cake, why are we like that?! lol, all I know is it's in our blood cause I'm the same way! Cutest family, cutest party, Happy Birthday Wyatt!...and now I'm craving orange chicken from Panda:)

  3. I LOVE the angry birds party! SO cute! Also loving the bomb cake disaster :) What a sweet mama to fix it for him! PS-I left something over on my blog for you today :)

  4. I loved this blog and shared many emotions from near tears to laughter!