August 1, 2012

Big First Grader

Today is a sad sad day.  I am officially in mourning.  My first born is no longer going to spend the majority of his time in my loving care.  Wyatt is off to first grade...
I am actually doing so much better than I thought I would.  Maybe it's because over the past few weeks I have already shed countless tears and endured many sleepless nights anticipating this event.  I have to keep reminding myself of how blessed we are to have the opportunity to have Wyatt enrolled in such an amazing educational program. 
A few years ago, I heard about the gifted and talented program offered through the Jordan School District and knew it was meant for Wyatt.  At the time we were living in Davis County and I didn't think there was  a remote chance of him being able to experience ALPS.  With a new job opportunity bringing us back to Salt Lake County, the reality of him attending the ALPS program seemed a little more likely.  He was tested last December and in March we received the test results, along with his acceptance letter.
Unfortunately, neither John nor I were smart enough to read the results.
After a little help, we discovered that Wyatt scored in the 98th percentile in above level testing in every area.  He even received a perfect score on a couple of tests.  When compared with the other gifted children being tested he scored above average as well. 

I have told very few people about this because I am embarrassed to brag about our kids in any way.  I also don't know if any of our other children will attend the ALPS program...I didn't want to make too big of deal out of it. 

However, after reading a great book that suggested we emphasize and acknowledge our children's strengths and accomplishments, I feel it is important for me to document how proud of this boy I am.  Wyatt has a love for learning and is incredibly bright, I'm not going to diminish his gift because of my own fear of hurting someone else's feelings, rubbing someone the wrong way, or making my other children feel bad.

I loved the author's theory of not creating a well rounded person - not trying to get our children to be great at every single thing, but rather focus on developing their individual strengths and not worry so much about their weaker areas.  Each of our children have great talents and I am excited to watch Wyatt, Cole, and Macie develop and grow as individuals.  I pray I can teach them to be proud of who they are, proud of each other's accomplishments and not compare themselves to each other or anyone else.  

Wyatt was a little nervous this morning, but very excited for his first day.  I walked him to his classroom and he went straight to the desk with his name on it, didn't even look back.  I took Cole and Macie to have lunch with him in the cafeteria.  We packed a lunch from home since "Teriyaki Beef Strips" didn't sound too appealing to Wyatt.  I'm glad we went, he seemed very happy to see us.  I was worried that he didn't know how to peel a banana, since I always do it for him...apparently he's more than capable.  He wasn't too thrilled when I started snapping pictures in the cafeteria, I guess my "cool mom" status was short lived.
After school he was excited to tell me all about his day; the tokens he received for good behavior, the classroom pet rat, his new friend who "also has a hard time breathing," and the 26 playground rules.  He was "glad that he didn't throw up and he only coughed 10 times" He is such a sweetheart and I am so proud to be his mother. 
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  1. No flipping way is he old enough to be in first grade! What!? He has always been so smart. I remember Penny calling me when he was just teeny tiny and telling me how smart he was. She couldn't believe he would line things up and group like things together. I love what you said about celebrating what they are great at and not worrying about the things that they aren't as great at. You are such an amazing mom. I love reading about your cute kids!!

  2. PS I am IN LOVE with his Joy School 2009 pic!

  3. I can not believe you have a first grader. That went by fast!

  4. Don't you just love the Serendipity of life?! You lived in Davis County when you heard about this program that you
    just KNEW was meant for Wyatt! Also, I loved your comment about not diminishing your children for fear of what others might think. Your Great Yia Yia (your mother's grandmother) was always worried about what people would think. In fact, I'll tell you a funny story about how everything was to be kept secret. On November 22, 1963 I received a call at work. It was Yia Yia. In Greek she said the following, "Τον σκοτοσονιε τον Πρεσιδεντ, με λεσ τιποτα". Translation: They killed the President. Don't say anything. Then she abruptly hung up.

    1. Wow! I don't know if I should laugh or cry, that is so interesting. I hate how we always feel like we have to keep our failures or shortcomings and even our success hidden.