May 14, 2012

Queen for the Day

 Whenever there is a birthday at our house, the night before I pull out these kinds of pictures...
and we reflect on the day of that child's birth...
The proud papa. 
An exhausted mama.
And a beautiful, amazing, healthy little angel.
 And then I cry and cry and cry...because that child is growing up too fast.  And I continue to cry until I realize John has fallen asleep and is no longer sympathizing with me...then I get mad at him and go to sleep!

Last Saturday we had a wonderful day celebrating Macie's birthday.  It felt like Christmas morning, both boys woke up at 6:30 and came in our room to announce that today was Macie's birthday.  It was painful for them to wait for her to wake up.
They came downstairs and "helped" set things up waiting.
It melted my heart to see how happy they were for her.  
She is one lucky girl to have two big brothers who adore {and slightly fear}her.
Since her birthday is so close to Cole's {and also Mother's Day}I really wanted to make her day special.  The boys shouted "Happy Birthday!" when she finally came downstairs...her face was priceless, she was completely stunned.  I think her favorite present was her pink gun from Daddy.  She is the girliest tom-boy I know - loves all things boy, as long as they are pink!

When she opened her crown and scepter, she immediately yelled, "Abra-cadabra!  Turn this world into a snake!"  Not quite sure what that means...but she sure is adorable!
She loved her first bouquet of pink roses from Daddy...
and a matching cake from Mama...
{*Pink Ombre Cake directions found HERE.*}
We told her she could go wherever she wanted for her birthday {praying she wouldn't say Disneyland}.
She chose to go swimming. {Phew!}
Afterward, I dressed her up nice and fancy for her little pink party.  
John wasn't sure how he felt about it, he is pretty anti-princess after all.  Just as I was about to reassure him that it would be fine...
Macie announced: "Daddy, I am the queen of EVERYONE!"   
Hmmm...maybe he's onto something. 
Macie is definitely one sassy little three year!  
She fills our lives with laughter...
sweet moments...
and joy.
We love her dearly.  
And queen for a day is alright with me.


  1. Oh I miss the little princess! What an amazing birthday...the cake is fab!

  2. Such a darling post! Love the pink ombre cake. So happy you started a blog so I can keep up with what you guys are up to! Maci is so darling, Happy Birthday Maci!

  3. Welcome to the blog world! Miss your cute family and love that I will get to see cute pictures of you guys now.

    Maci is so beautiful, looks like she had an amazing day!

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    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

  5. Aww, that is a pretty little "BIG" cake. She looks like she had a wonderful bday. Pretty little princess...that is the queen of everyone. So funny the things kids say. New blog for you to stop by and link up if you have time. Following via GFC. : )