October 14, 2016

Pickin' and Carvin'

October is my favorite month and I don't think that has anything to do with it being the month of my birth, especially since I have kinda always hated my own birthday.  I do however, LOVE LOVE LOVE the changing leaves, the cool crisp air, Halloween, and pumpkin everything.  In fact, I realized one of my favorite things to take pictures of is my kids at the pumpkin patch. 
I mean look at that.  Is there anything cuter than watching your child struggle to lug around a giant orange vegetable that most certainly surpasses her in weight?

And in case there is any confusion, no I am not talking about THIS October and no there isn't any possibility of me ever catching up on this blog.
Let's rewind to LAST October when we got to check out our local pumpkin patch in Parker, Colorado for the first time...
Tractors and hay rides are right up there with a few of my favorite Fall things...
A day at the pumpkin patch is always a good day.  The only thing that could make pumpkin pickin' any better in my mind would be if it took place on the McCoy Family Farm...someday!

There is one thing however that I absolutely don't love about Fall and that is carving pumpkins.  Ugh!  John and I always fail to convince our children that it's a crime to cut up these beautiful creatures and rip their guts out...so pumpkin' carvin' it is.
So carving pumpkins may have turned into a Tessa photo shoot, I just can't get enough of our little dollie.
I am not sure why the kids won't just paint their darn pumpkins as they all seem to hate touching pumpkin guts as much as I hate cleaning up the post carving disaster. 
...and somehow in the end poor Dad ends up carvning at least 4 pumpkins.  But they do insist and somehow we always have a good time.
Unfortunely for us, the deer ended up eating a good portion of our jack-o-lanterns and scattered the remnants all over our front yard.  

Lesson Learned: Anything and everything left on a porch in The Pinery will be immediately consumed/destroyed by the local wildlife, no matter what you spray on or around it.  Don't even try, there is no hope.

Until we move or figure out someway of preventing utter destruction, we will be keeping all future pumpkins, gourds, jack-o-lanterns (really any kind of vegetable or plant life) safely indoors...
We are already excited to pick out new pumpkins this year.  Who knows, we may even convince the kids to put down their weapons and paint their pumpkins.  I refuse to give up hope.
Happy Fall!

October 13, 2016

Two Year Old Tess

I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida...looking out the rain streaked window at the stormy Atlantic Ocean...waiting for John to get back from meetings.  What to do? Shop online, workout, eat, then eat some more...and now, why not blog for old times sake.

Our sweet Tess LOVES Mickey Mouse.  And when I say "loves" I mean she's obsessed, will watch no other show, and hero worships the over-sized pant-wearing rodent like nobody's business.
So when her 2nd birthday rolled around there wasn't really much brainstorming needed...
Pinterest delivered.
Except before we continue, lets just get real honest here...
Tess didn't seem to mind the destruction and that's all that matters.
With the cake complete, the next logical step was to present our doll with a Mickey doll of her own...
and every single one of his friends...
She was pretty darn please with things and her 3 older siblings were every bit as excited...

Of course there was a bit of the terribleness sassy-ness that certainly comes with the dreaded wondrous age of TWO...

Thankfully it was short lived and our sweetheart was delighted by our serenading her...
She is one very loved, very sweet and tender-hearted angel...
Two Year Old Tess, we are crazy about you.

March 14, 2016

Number Five

We didn't get around to sending out a family Christmas card last year, (or even took any family photos at all) but we did send out something even better...

Backing up a bit...with Tessa coming a whole month early, we were all set and ready to welcome baby number five clear back in October...only SHE wasn't quite ready.  After plenty of false alarms, November 18th was finally the big day.  

My mom had been here for a week already, my due date had come and gone and I was getting a little anxious to say the least.  School had been cancelled due to the biggest blizzard of the year and I was certain she would choose to be born in the car, stuck in a snowbank on some lone Colorado road...but she held out. The day after our 14" snow storm, I had a restless night filled with contractions (which really was no different than any other night up to that point). I wasn't sure if it was the real deal and sent John off to work in the morning.  It soon became apparent that things were progressing as I struggled to get the kids ready for school.  A few phone calls later and Dad was on his way back home, school was cancelled for the McCoy children and we were on our way to the hospital.

When we arrived I was already well into labor and our sweet little girl joined us a few hours later...  
Despite 4 failed IV attempts, an infiltrated IV and an epidural that only partially worked...everything went relatively smoothly and rather quickly.  I remember asking John if he thought I was in labor over and over (I'm not sure why).  It finally sunk in that it was really happening when he said, "Melissa, you have your epidural, you're at an 8, we are staying!"
The umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around baby girls neck two times, making me extra glad she didn't choose the night of the blizzard to make her way into this world. John and I were in awe at the doctors swift ability to unravel the cord in seconds. 

Luckily, John's Dad was in town for work and was able to stop by the hospital that night while the kids were at home with Grandma Lisa, who stopped by the next morning to meet our little Jean...
I only stayed in the hospital for roughly 24 hours, so we decided we'd let the big kids meet their new sister at home.  Tess however, accompanied Grandma to the hospital and I will NEVER forget the look on her face when she first saw baby Jean.  She literally gasped and her jaw dropped as she looked from my flat tummy (okay, it wasn't and still isn't even remotely flat) to the bundle in my arms and back again.  The realization and delight in her eyes were so SO sweet.
 She definitely has had moments of jealousy and been a lot more needy these past few months, but overall she has been so sweet to "her baby Jeanie".  She tells me multiple times a day how much Jean loves her.
The kids were very anxious for us to get home, mostly because they were worried about Mama. 
(Yes, they are my angels.)
Side Note: I wanted to cut the boys hair before the baby was born, but waited til I was well into labor to do so...hence the horrific haircuts pictured above.  I was so out of it that I started cutting Wyatt's hair with an open blade (basically bald) and did all I could to salvage the rest of his hair once I realized what I had done.  Poor thing.  He was a trooper and we had a very good laugh about the whole thing, though he did call me in the hospital concerned Grandma wouldn't be able to style the fiasco of a hair-do.

Side Note #2: 
Cole was schedule to have braces put on the morning of November 18th, so while I was in labor my mom was sending me pics of our first kiddo in braces.  He was (and still is) so very proud to do something before Wyatt, it's made the whole braces thing a lot more fun and exciting than it certainly ever was for me...or probably anyone ever. Cole's just that kind of kid, a mouth full of metal can't get him down...
Back to the babe...
When I was pregnant with Macie, I KNEW I was having a boy. We would name him Henry.  When I was pregnant with Tessa I just KNEW that THIS time I was having another boy, our Henry.  So needless to say when I found out I was pregnant with number five, John and I both felt that this time was FOR SURE our third son. The kids knew, we all knew. 

The six of us were all there in the cramped little room when the ultrasound tech informed us that our next babe was indeed, another little girl.  Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled beyond belief to be the mother of three little girls...it's just that I had strongly felt that I was having a boy.  Apparently my mother's intuition is somewhat lacking!
During the rest of my ultrasound, I felt confused and unsure.  We knew we would be naming the baby Henry if he was a boy. I remember thinking how we didn't have a single girl name picked out.  In that moment I had a thought come clearly to my mind: "Her name is Jean."  I loved it instantly and knew that Jean would be the name of our sweet number five.  However, explaining to John how I had come to decide on the name of our child without his input at all had me worried.  As we sat in the waiting room (waiting for a second ultrasound) I decided to just get it out in the open.  I told him I knew what I wanted to name her, it just came to me and I really really felt strongly about it.  When I told him, he said "I agree."  Just like that.  My strongly opinionated husband agreed.  So that was that.  
Our Jean Carmenza, named for both of her great grandmothers, is just as sweet and lovely as her namesakes...
 Okay, okay, she is our fussiest baby.  BUT, she's stinkin adorable, smiley as can be (when she's not screaming) and at already three months old is sleeping through the night.
I never ever imagined that I would be a mother of five!  Though I do remember telling John as newlyweds that I wanted six.  However once reality set in, that seemed much too hard for someone as uptight as I am to handle.
Well, five IS hard.  It's very hard.  Some days I feel close to insane, or maybe I have passed right on by insanity long ago.  It is hard, but it's so so good.  We are so blessed.  Our children are our world.  They are amazing little people and I can't believe we are lucky enough to have one more sweet person belong to us.
Jean Carmenza, we adore you.