June 17, 2015

On Our Way to the Grand Canyon - Part 1

As I've looking through all of the things I need to blog about, I've realized how truly important it is to journal.  That is, if you want to remember anything.  I am absolutely struggling to remember the details of an awesome family vacation we took last Fall to the Grand Canyon.  I've had to ask each of the kids what they remembered and slowly the facts are coming back to me.  Here's to hoping I don't wait over half a year before writing about our next family vacay.

I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, so last September we decided to pack our bags, cram our family into the good old SUV and road trip our way there, making lots of stops along the way.
First up?
The Rose Ranch Resort in Marysvale, Utah.
After stretching our legs,,,
We hopped on a couple of ATV's...
...and spent the day exploring the gorgeous Piute Trail...
The weather was fantastic and the wildlife and changing leaves did not disappoint in the least...
Tessa was a total angel the whole day and laughed and laughed her way through the bumpy ride...well as long as Mama held onto her sweet little hand that is.
She even ended up falling asleep as we explored the old mines...
After winding our way up and up and up some more, two things happened when we finally reached the summit.
1. We cheered and shouted, overcome by the majestic view.
2.  We shivered uncontrollably as the temperate abruptly dropped and the wind picked up incredibly.

I can't lie, the extreme weather as we rode near a cliff's edge had me panicking and ready to head down the other side immediately.  We snapped a few pics and were off.
The weather really was frightening.  Sweet Cole just reminded me that he prayed at the top for it to get warmer and his prayers were immediately answered as we descended the mountain...what a sweetie.  I love that he remembers that most from our fun day over nine months ago.

After an exciting day, the kids were content to be on the road again as we trudged on toward our final destination.
A few more hours in the car and we made it to Page, Arizona just before nightfall.  The kids were a bit stir crazy by then and extremely excited to see the beautiful Glen Canyon Dam...
Within minutes we were graced with a beautiful Arizona sunset, the perfect end to a near perfect day...
More road trip adventures to come...

May 26, 2015

Conversations of Late

Wyatt: "I think the grown up version of me is going to look a lot like Albert Einstein."

Mom: "Would you guys rather go to Disneyland or play on the escalators at the mall?"
All: "The Mall!!!"

Mom:  "At your new school, you can be anyone you want to be, it's like a fresh start."
Wyatt:  (As proud as can be without an ounce of self-deprecation) "Mom, I'm still gonna be a nerd."

Wyatt: "I'm pretty sure this balloon has cancer."

Macie: "I think my legs saw a black cat...They definitely have seven year's of bad luck."

Cole: "Can I do your workout video?"
Mom: "Why"
Cole: "Well I can't catch any of the girls at recess, I need to get faster."

Macie: "I don't want to go to primary, my teacher's face is all covered in wrinkles."

Wyatt: "I just popped my first zit and it was amazing!"

Macie: "Today a boy asked me to marry him so I ran away"
Mom: "Good job."
Macie: "I told Kaden if he was mean to me my brother's would beat him up."
Mom: "Why? What was he doing?"
Macie: "Oh nothing, I was just warning him."

Tessa: "Is snowy Mama!"

May 7, 2015

Phone-y Photos of (Not So) Late

So I haven't had a computer for a few weeks, due to a combination of my own clumsiness and Tessa's terror tactics...now that it's sort of up and running, I have to send it away for major repairs...which means I will only further fall behind on our family updates.  Hopefully I will be able to whip out a few posts before this baby is gone for another 3 to 4 weeks...who knows, maybe I'll even get around to posting last summer's vacations...or maybe even last Christmas.  We'll see.  Until then, a much delayed Phone-y Photos of Late...  
(Side note: This are in no particular order and some pics are over a year old!  Yikes, I'm lame.)
 TABLE talk.
FILM friends.
A TOOTH a day.
BABY selfies.
Nine ROLLS (and counting).
SAD face.
Cousin LOVE.
Post primary PIANIST.
GREEK festival.
That FACE.
First HIKE.
Neighborhood COW.
DANCING queen.
Popcorn PALS.